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As one of the leading sawmill and wood processing companies in Europe, we have been supplying the market for over 110 years with renewable wood products. In our 3 sawmills in Oberrot, Baruth, and Wolfegg, around 1,000 employees provide an annual cutting capacity of more than 2 million cubic meters of logs. The result is an extraordinarily diverse product range that includes both processed and natural wood products. We meet the needs of customers all over the world with our high quality wood products. 





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Wir sind Teil der österreichischen binderholz Gruppe, deren starker Stamm uns mächtig Kraft gibt, um gemeinsam über uns hinaus zu wachsen.

  • 3 Länder
  • 12 Standorte
  • 2750 Mitarbeiter


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Albert Klenk founded the Klenk sawmill in Oberrot more than 110 years ago. He cultivated along with it a business that has grown over time and dedicated itself completely to the environmentally-friendly CO2-neutral raw material of the future.

  • 1904

    Albert Klenk founded the Klenk sawmill in Oberrot.


    The brothers Eugen and Hermann Klenk, aged 17 and 15, take over the family company.


    Construction of the first chipper canter sawmill.

  • 1976

    Fully automated bark incineration plant for energy generation.


    Start of glued laminated timber production.


    Installation of the first of three moulding lines in Oberrot.

  • 1994

    Commissioning of the Oberrot cogeneration plant with state-of-the-art heat and power generation.


    Acquisition of Arbor-Holz: the Klenk Holz plant in Baruth is formed.

  • 2000

    Acquisition of hiwo Holzindustrie GmbH in Wolfegg. Klenk Holz locates in Wolfegg.


    Majority owner of Thurn und Taxis Waldpflege (TTW), which becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2004.

  • 2005

    Commissioning of the new KVH (solid structural timber) plant in Baruth.


    Set-up of pallet block production in Oberrot.


    Acquisition of Klenk Holz AG by The Carlyle Group.


    Acquisition of Klenk Holz AG by binderholz Group.

  • The Klenk Holz future

    Tireless cultivation of innovative solutions for all our customers.



With our 3 locations in Oberrot, Baruth, and Wolfegg, we cover all sectors of the market and meet its requirements with high quality wood products – from the construction market to the retail trade to structural timber and wood processing industries. Each sawmill has its own focus on specific wood species and products. We operate biomass heating plants at all 3 locations – in Oberrot and Baruth with cogeneration of heat and electricity – and thereby supply both ourselves and the surrounding area with renewable energy from nature. 

The Klenk Holz headquarters and home of the central administrative organization of all the company’s units are located here: From purchasing logs to human resources, from controlling to sales.


  • Employees: 520
  • Cutting capacity: pprox.. 750,000 cubic meters of logs
  • Processed wood species: spruce, fir, Douglas fir, pine
  • Product range: sawn timber, planed timber, mouldings, shuttering panels, presswood pallets and pallet blocks


Klenk Holz GmbH

Oberrot plant / headquarters

Eugen-Klenk-Straße 2–4, 74420 Oberrot, Germany

T +49 7977 72-0 // F +49 7977 72-400


Particular attention is paid here to processing pine – especially Mark Brandenburg pine that is typical of Klenk Holz.


  • Employees: 330
  • Cutting capacity: approx. 1,100,000 cubic meters of logs
  • Processed wood species: predominantly Mark Brandenburg pine
  • Product range: sawn timber, planed timber, mouldings, wood for landscaping, structural timber


Klenk Holz GmbH
Baruth plant
An der Birkenpfuhlheide 1, 15837 Baruth/Mark, Germany

T +49 33704 960-0 // F +49 33704 960-121


The Klenk Holz sawmill for everything related to mouldings is located in Wolfegg. Here our employees focus on producing a wide variety of mouldings options.


  • Employees: 110
  • Cutting capacity: approx. 240,000 cubic meters of logs
  • Processed wood species: spruce, fir
  • Product range: sawn timber, planed timber, mouldings


Klenk Holz GmbH
Wolfegg plant
Grimmenstein 10, 88364 Wolfegg, Germany

T +49 7527 918-0 // F +49 7527 918-129


Klenk Holz Family


With a subsidiary company and an investment in forestry services, Klenk Holz plays a leading role in the industry. Each individual family member is part of the unmistakable Klenk Holz value chain. And last but not least of the knowledge that flourishes in our company. In this way, we over and over again develop customized and innovative solutions around the regenerative resource of wood.



TTW Waldpflege has been part of Klenk Holz since 2001. With a harvest and trade volume of around 2.5 million cubic meters of logs and industrial wood, TTW is the largest German forest service provider as well as a leader in the development and use of mechanized timber harvest systems. It employs more than 50 staff members and workers in Oberrot and the southern branch office in Wolfegg and the northern branch office in Baruth.

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Wald Plus GmbH based in Salem is a forest service provider company in which Klenk Holz holds an interest. The company provides a tailor-made range of services for forest owners and companies of the forest and timber industry. Wald Plus GmbH is represented with its service portfolio in both Germany and Switzerland.

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Our employees are the most cultivated sources of energy at Klenk Holz. With around 1.000 naturally talented people, we are one of the leading sawmills in Europe and supply the whole world with wood products in the best Klenk Holz quality. And to keep this tradition going strong, we’re always on the lookout for “wood-be heroes” with a special knack for lumber.

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